Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dev Diary May 4th, 2011

      So, I got a job working as an intern working for a company by the name of Data In Motion as of this last Monday.  Not much to say about it as of yet except that there's a ton to the job, and I am currently... whelmed at the tasks ahead.  That is to say, it's certainly daunting, but I think if I take it one piece at a time (like one of my favorite Johnny Cash songs) I'll get to understanding it, and be able to make myself useful to my employers.  For the time being, they are doing a lot more for me than I am for them, and it is currently just a hope to be a good return on that investment.

     All that having been said, I probably won't be sharing my code from work-related projects here on my blog, unless given explicit permission to do so.  I am also starting a class for developing android applications, and may share some of the toy programs from that class (albeit if it looks even marginally profitable I'd be keeping mum).  So that's the situation if you were wondering when my next interesting tidbit of code would appear.

     And now I'm off to spend the rest of the evening getting used to some new equipment.  And to read up on marker, visitor, and singleton design patterns.  On a complete sidenote, I should remind myself to strongly suggest to my professors here at Westminster to implement a class focused on design patterns.